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   Welcome to the iModel Network. Seth Garcia is internationally known and published photographer that founded the iModel Network @ www.iModelnet.Com and www.iModel.Online. Seth’s vast experiences with online modeling networks has inspired him to develop what he calls the “new generation” super networking platform for today’s global modeling community. Stay connected, stay involved and stay tuned for a unique innovative technological approach to today’s modeling industry.


   Join your fellow Artists! We love sharing at the iModel Network ~ The next generation Portfolio Community and Network for Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists, Stylists, Artists, Designers, Agencies and more Industry Professionals is here. We are consolidating the most technologically advanced, professional Online portfolio and networking systems like Facebook and Google, more widely accepted and used by ALL professionals, by extending and combining them into a compelling and fulfilling new journey for you. We believe in utilizing the planet’s most powerful sites to get you noticed and promoted more, not reinventing the boring wheel. Our new networking design, functionality, and dynamic; like harnessing light from all the stars, will make the other private websites simply unnoticed irrelevant child’s play, the worst of these being Model Mayhem, using the same outdated free-ware engine from the 90’s and charge for uploading images. While, Seth Garcia Photography (iModel Network Founder) has over 11,900 images of over 900 models he’s worked with, all in separate albums, FREE! StudioG Model Promotions


   EVERYONE has a Facebook account now, so why not learn how to optimize this powerful and safe environment and make it work for you! Learn how to use Facebook to connect to the growing numbers of new social media sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram that help you safely connect with artists in the world around you, that get you noticed more by those that matter most. Outdated sites like MM and OneModelPlace, are known to be corrupt and twisted “dating” sites because they are filled with sexual offenders, predators and perverts lurking behind those private, unprotected and unregulated walls waiting to take advantage, stalk, and abuse models. ABC NEWS:
Modeling website linked to disappearances, rape and human trafficking.


   Our iModel Network Facebook Group is now the largest, most diverse model industry group on the planet! We include the Fans, Advertisers, Magazines, Agencies and other Industry Professionals from all over the world!! They’re the ones that will build your branding, increase your fan base, friends and followers making your journey more successful and fulfilling! You can’t find this growth potential or fulfillment in private, poorly managed, cult (morally misleading) sites like MM and OMP with perverted and corrupt administrators that rig contests, play on your confidence, scam and cheat you out of countless freedoms you get naturally on Facebook.


   Let the iModel Network show you how to build your own social network, so you can nurture and grow your dreams and ambitions regardless of profession, selling yourself and your products in the harmony with others just like the rock stars and celebrities do! Get out of that dark pandemonium of lawless, and corruption filled mayhem and step into the light; rewarding yourself with a new life of achieving a S.M.A.R.T. goal and reputation for success! Join our Facebook Fan Page “Where Artists Connect”, Inspire and Empower yourself with a brand you can trust.


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Team iModel Network
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